Different People, Different ways

Many people realize the difference between introverts and extroverts: an introvert is generally characterized as someone who is reserved and does not require interaction, while an extrovert is someone who is outgoing and seemingly gains energy from social situations. In the most basic form, they are two groups who merely approach life in different ways.  Due to this difference, RPA was established to help all students on their educational journey.

I was curious about the specific way that RPA accommodates introverts and extroverts, so I went out and interviewed several students. I learned that a majority of our school population was introverted, which I expected but underestimated. Surprisingly, I also learned that introverts were more likely to answer my questions.

How do you like the layout of RPA?

This came with a resounding love for both the campus and the RPA methods in general. Both of the groups love the layout and one of our sophomores expanded with "it's kind if like homeschooling;  you get to choose your level.”

Was it difficult switching from your past school to RPA?

Most people found the transition easy for various reasons. Introverts commented they did not enjoy their prior school, and, thus, did not miss it; whereas extroverts noted how easy it was to make friends at RPA. “It was easier to adapt to the ways of learning here than any other school."

RPA’s motto is “Own your Education”. How easy is that for you?

Students explained it was easy because RPA let them establish their educational level rather than start at a predetermined point. People additionally loved the fact that RPA has "a lot of opportunities to make it easy," but a few thought they could use more structure with their education.

Do you speak up in class? Do you appreciate when others do?

Some explained they would raise their hand only if nobody else offered and regardless, everybody enjoyed it when others spoke up; they generally thought that it made the classes interesting and more unique.

You may have noticed I did not specify if a person was introverted or extroverted when I quoted students. This is because I found while the students did project themselves differently, the way they approached the school was similar. The groups had different replies, but I have concluded that this was not because they were a different personality type, but solely because they were different people. Students noted that since coming to RPA, they were accommodated as individuals. Due to this, these students enjoy the unique and diverse environment. Our identities are cultivated within RPA so, however we personalize it, RPA says “yes we can do that” and subsequently gives everyone the opportunities they deserve.

Erin Cork