Middle School Poetry Contest Winners

Recently, RPA had a contest at the middle school during the month of April (National Poetry Month) and students were asked to write a poem about the culture at RPA. Here are the three top finishers' poems. Congratulations to the winners!

1st place

"RPA’s Ways"

By: Henry Lowe (7th grade)


At this school RPA

Sometimes Students go astray

But do not worry about that long overdue essay

For we will repay it to you


RPA always finds a way to complete what it’s started

After we have Departed

And our work has become uncharted

We will have completed our work


But with our minds combined

We will go in a straight str


And then our grades will shine

Just find our passion


Just do your part and we will do ours

With those constant hours

We have super powers

With your experience


We need you

We make a great crew

We will always make it through

Together we cannot fail


A little faith is all that's needed

And with that we proceeded

And then we all succeeded

That is the only requirement


We will become a true blaze

All we sometimes need is an inspiring phrase

Under a teacher's gaze

This is the magic of RPA’s ways


2nd place

"A Day in the Life of RPA"

By: Jessilynne Beeman, Caitlin Erickson,

and Kaylen McAdams (6th grade)


I walk into school every day with my notebook in my hand,

Ready for my lessons today,

I pack up my stuff and I’m ready to stand,

With my friends next to me I head to P.E,

When class is dismissed we go to lunch,

I decided to help pick up trash and all my friends helped me,

The best time of the day is elective time, yay!

Now it’s the end of the day, we all help to put chairs away,  

With my head held high, I am proud to say that I completed the day,

When we go home, we talk about our day and remember that...

“RPA is a great school we know we are RAD kids,


3rd Place


By Esmeralda Cervantes (6th grade)


R.A.D. stands for




Is that all you think that RPA stands for?

No RPA stands for unique and proficient learning, free to be who you really are, Free to stand out, Free to

Show yourself to the world.

Some are writers, some are scientists, some are Doctors, some are artists,

Some are actors, some are singers, some are teachers, some are students, and finally WE ARE ONE AND WE ARE ALL UNIQUE.





Crystall Keithcart