Music Horoscope - January 2018

Welcome to your January 2018 Music Horoscope! This is the article where I recommend you albums that have debuted in the past month based on your astrological horoscope for that month. Think of it as though my January music highlights and January horoscope were tossed in a blender and the delicious result is being served to you, the reader, via high-speed internet. Good? Great.



Aries (March 21 - April 19)

First Aid Kit - Ruins

For Aries, the new year brought a sense of introspection and a desire to reevaluate your life path. Towards the end of the month, this pondering culminated in some sort of resolution, be it a personal discovery or a longtime project finally reaching completion. Ruins, the latest album from Swedish folk-alternative duo First Aid Kit is a fitting complement to this time of contemplation for Aries. This album is a slow, beautiful, bittersweet burn that ends with one of the best closing tracks on this list; this feels appropriate given the the sense of resolution Aries felt in January. As you listen, you may very well find yourself staring out a window pondering what life has in store for you.  

Hot Tracks: It’s a Shame, Fireworks, Nothing has to be True



Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Calexico - The Thread That Keeps Us

Taurus really hit the ground running this past month. January was all about applying skills to real-world situations and making progress on tangible goals. Taurus’s have seen their hard work pay off in meaningful ways. To keep this momentum going, I suggest listening to The Thread that Keeps Us by latin-influenced alternative group Calexico. This album has a visceral acoustic energy and and drive that reflects Taurus’s own victories and accomplishments this month. A great album for road trips or adventuring, The Thread that Keeps Us will propel Taurus into February with great energy.

Hot Tracks: End of the World with You, Bridge to Nowhere, Music Box



Gemini (May 21 - June 20)

Anderson East - Encore

Geminis have been focusing more on their relationships throughout January. In trying to orient themselves among friends and acquaintances, Geminis have been discovering which relationships feed and strengthen them. Encore by Anderson East is a soulful, heartfelt look at love in its many forms, a fitting match for the kinds of connections Geminis have been fostering in their lives this past month. Offering some of the most raw and human tracks on this list, Encore is a fantastic complement to the kind of deep relationship building Geminis have done in the new year.

Hot Tracks: House is a Building, Girlfriend, Surrender




Cancer (June 21 - July 22)

BØRNS - Blue Madonna

Cancers have been doing a lot of soul-searching this past month. Going through various ups and downs, Cancers have been thinking a lot about their own identity and where they fit in to their surroundings. With its pensive 80’s nostalgia, Blue Madonna by BØRNS offers a mix of songs that run the whole gamut of emotions Cancer has experienced this month. Whether figuring yourself out means headbanging in your bedroom, contemplating life’s big questions, crying uncontrollably, or a mix of all three, Blue Madonna offers a soundtrack to satisfy Cancer’s every mood.

Hot Tracks: Faded Heart, Supernatural, Bye Bye Darling




Leo (July 23 - August 22)

Camila Cabello - Camila

2018 saw big routine changes for Leo. While 2017 may have been getting a bit stale for Leos, the new year came with big and bold  changes to routine and relationships. The latest album from pop artist Camila Cabello, Camila, looks at the process of shedding old habits and relationships and cultivating new ones, making for a timely selection of tracks to reinforce Leo’s life changes in the new year. Striking a balance between bouncier pop tracks and more introspective songs, Camila echos Leo’s transformations and is a fitting soundtrack to underscore changes to come.

Hot Tracks: Never Be the Same, Havana, In the Dark




Virgo (August 23 - September 22)

Fallout Boy - MANIA

January was a great month for Virgos to reconnect with their passions. Though at times Virgos tend to have a hard time letting go of their obligations, the new year gave Virgos the freedom to delve into hobbies and areas of interest in a meaningful way. Alternative giant Fallout Boy has released a new collection of tracks that can only be described as passionate. From soaring soul numbers to more intense rock influenced tracks, MANIA is an album that echos Virgos’  exploration of  the things that make them feel most alive.

Hot Tracks: Stay Frosty Real Milk Tea, Church, Heaven’s Gate





Libra (September 23 - October 22)

Moon Taxi - Let the Record Play

Libras have been especially receptive to new opportunities as 2018 rolls in. Feeling free and lighthearted, Libras have taken this newfound sense of freedom and run with it resulting in cool adventures, new hobbies and projects and a new lust for life. Indie pop group Moon Taxi has created a fun selection of songs that feel very contemporary and young, perfect for Libra’s ‘live in the moment’ attitude. A great album for trips to the city or dancing with friends, this album is a great fit for any spur of the moment impulses that enter Libras’ minds.

Hot Tracks: Let the Record Play, Moving to the City, Trouble




Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

They Might Be Giants - I Like Fun

This January, Scorpios have had no trouble keeping busy. With life kicking into full gear, Scorpios have been working hard to keep balance and find levity and support in the midst of their work. I Like Fun the newest output from They Might Be Giants (you might remember them as the guys who did the theme song for Malcolm in the Middle) is a romp through witty critiques on modern life and uptempo tracks that recall the early 2000’s. In Scorpio’s quest for relief from the stress of busy twentieth-century life, I Like Fun is a light hearted collection of songs that are sure to entertain and uplift in the coming months.

Hot Tracks: Let’s get this Over With, When the Lights Come On, Lake Monster



Sagittarius (November 22 - December 21)

EDEN - Vertigo

Sagittarius’s have done a lot of deep thinking in the past month. The new year has brought with it big questions, and January was a time of contemplation for Sagittarius’s concerning their values, beliefs and goals. Vertigo by EDEN is, more than an album, and experience in sadness, joy, and what it feels like to be human. This immensely thoughtful and often melancholy album meshes well with the contemplation Sagittarius’s have been doing this month. Though I’ve picked out some of my favorite tracks, I’d honestly recommend taking an hour to let this album wash over you as you continue to reflect and ponder.

Hot Tracks: Start//End, Forever//Over, Love; not wrong



Capricorn (December 22 - January 19)

Phillip Phillips - Collateral

For Capricorns, January meant putting their noses to the grindstone. The last month Capricorns followed their natural tendency to work methodically and doggedly on their goals by coming in strong with a can-do attitude. Collateral by singer songwriter Phillip Phillips has a passion and intensity behind it that well  reflects the energy and hard work that Capricorns have been putting into all of their endeavours this past month. Whether in need of pump up tracks to get through the day, or more subdued ambient tunes to listen to while working, Capricorns will find lots to love in Collateral.

Hot Tracks: My Name, Don’t Tell Me, Into the Wild



Aquarius (January 20 - Febuary 18)

Glen Hansard - Between Two Shores

Aquarius experienced a lot of new changes in the advent of the 2018. January was a month of boldly striking out into new territory, whether it be starting new projects or making good on a personal resolution. Moreover, Aquarius has been working on developing better communication at school and work, and while this may have meant ruffling some feathers, it was ultimately for the best. The newest album by Once star Glen Hansard offers a confident, grounded, folk-infused blend of tracks that complement Aquarius’s drive to make bold choices this past month. Between Two Shores is great listening while working, commuting, or simply bolstering one’s own confidence and will serve Aquarius’s well in their coming endeavours.

Hot Tracks: Roll on Slow, Wreckless Heart



Pisces (Feb 19 - Mar 20)

The Academic - Tales from the Backseat

January was a feel-good month for Pisces. Gliding into the new year feeling confident and fulfilled, Pisces’s have been able to explore their passions totally uninhibited and have begun reconnecting with the parts of their lives that reinforce their sense of self. One of my personal favorite albums of January, Tales from the Backseat by The Academic is a fun, upbeat pop alternative album that gels nicely with the uplifted mood of the past month. Easily the most danceable album of this list, Tales from the Backseat is a joyride sure to match Pisces’s enthusiasm this year.

Hot Tracks: Permanent Vacation, Different, Bite my Tongue