Cooking Manifesto: Pico de Gallo Quesadilla

Cooking is an art. Something that comes from the depths of your soul and bubbles up like oil on a hot pan. For years I studied this art in the simplest way: I ate. I ate food, I drank beverages, I ate tacos, and I have gotten food poisoning, but it lead me to where I am today. Without each meal I have had up to this point, I would not be the chef I am today, nor will I be the chef I one day apsire to be. Without these meals I would just be what I was before I was a chef, which was nothing close to what a chef is: an innovator. Chefs take on problems and are flexible like the eels they stew. We take stabs and risks like flipping quesadillas. But the chef's spirit is not something only harbored by chefs; it could be harbored by each and every one of you who isn't yet a chef. So go out, explore, dare, dream, eat, but most of all... cook.

-Chef William Anderson


  1. Cube tomato, chop onion, dice jalepeño and tear cilantro; combine into a bowl. Mix together and add lime juice.

  2. Grate cheese and start heating the oil pan on medium heat. Layer cheese, pico de gallo, then cheese again onto half a tortilla (the cheese on both sides will hold your quesadilla  together).

  3. Cook quesadilla until each side is crsp and firm. Remove from heat, and let cool for 3 minutes. Then, cut into however many triangles you so desire.


  • Flours Tortillas

  • Cheese

  • Cilantro

  • White Onion

  • Tomato

  • Jalepeño

Will Anderson