RPA Bucket List

Here at RPA, orientation flies by, but there's a lot more to the RPA experience than what you cover on a tour. Use this bucket list to help familiarize yourself with the campus and community while having fun along the way!

Download the PDF version here.

  • Have an informal conversation with a teacher
  • Watch a Tiny Elevator Concert

  • Find someone who is the same type of nerd as you

  • Bring a bag of candy and share it with your friends

  • Help out with an event

  • Grab a quesadilla and chips at Lucy’s Tacos

  • Join a club

  • Hang out in the art room

  • Eat a personal pizza at Soup 2 Nuts

  • Listen to the We Are One - RPA podcast

  • Go to a school dance

  • Have a local tea blend at Green Plow

  • Hang out with friends at centennial park

  • Visit with Donna at the Career Center

  • Study at the public library

  • Get a mini $1 ice cream at Fred Meyer

  • Watch a school play

  • Introduce yourself to Dr. Bullock

  • Get a coffee at Honey and Pine

  • Listen to music while lounging in Glacier’s lobby

  • Grab a new set of dice at the Computer Shop

  • Have a waffle at Proust

  • Play a game in the student union

  • Bring a teacher coffee or tea

  • Talk in a British accent at AK’s Tea Room

Chloe Leis