A.K.'s Tea Room: The Place To Be

I walked past A.K.'s Tea Room twice before noticing the large pink teapot logo on the windows of the store. Upon walking in, I was immediately satisfied by the aroma of brewing tea.

 The staff was friendly and the prices were very reasonable. I received my order within a few minutes and was delighted by the low cost of my total. I bought a large tea to-go and a blueberry lemon scone without preserves for only $3.50.

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I had the Lady Londonderry tea, which was rumored to be Princess Diana's favorite. It is a blend of black floral with hints of strawberry and lemon. Next time, I plan to try the “dessert tea” which is a scottish caramel toffee pu-erh.

The Londonderry tea paired perfectly with the blueberry lemon scone. Without the preserves, it was less sweet than I expected. Nevertheless; it was a good break from the heavily sugared scones I am accustomed to.

At A.K.’s Tea Room there are both caffeinated and herbal teas. These teas are accompanied by a variety of scones and other baked goods. The Tea Room accommodates for dietary restrictions with their delicious gluten free food options, which I believe is a considerate addition for any bakery.

Concerning other foods, there are a variety of options to accompany your tea. Several hot soups are found on the menu and each day there is a soup special. Those soups, and other specials are updated on their Facebook page. Additionally, there is a variety of appetizing salads or salad-sandwich combinations. Karen conveyed that the staff at her tearoom would gladly help you  find something you would enjoy.

The general ambiance of the tearoom is calm and classic. The aesthetic would immediately appeal to retro hipsters, elderly folks, and everyone in between. The interior can be described as antique American combined with the charming allure of Britain. Vintage decor influences the idea that maybe, just maybe, you stepped right off the streets of Redmond and into an English tea room in Britain.

There is no wifi. This may be unusual, but the tranquil environment of A.K.'s Tea Room provides a great opportunity to catch up with your friends, read a book, or just people-watch.

A.K.’s Tea Room isn’t your typical cliche’ name. Karen described that she attempted to find a cliche name for her business but nothing appealed to her. Ultimately, she decided to name her business after her nickname “Auntie Karen”.

While speaking with the owner, Karen George, I couldn’t help but smile. Not only because of her English accent, but also because of her humor and kindness.  “We love to share,”she stated. During my conversation with her, I learned that her business holds great meaning to her and she wants to share that meaningful environment with both student and adults.

Karen encourages students to visit her and her wonderful business. I recommend A.K’s Tea Room to any “budgeted” students looking for some tea and a yummy treat.


Crystall Keithcart