RPA Positive Psychology Class Inspires Students

A photo of the classroom whiteboard.

A photo of the classroom whiteboard.

Positive Psychology is a fairly new addition to RPA. Although I am not in the class, I had the opportunity to participate in and observe this class for two days. The first time, I did not understand the full purpose of the class. However, the second time, I was brought to tears.

That Tuesday, while I observed and recorded, the class colored and listened to a theoretical psychology recording by author Don Miguel Ruiz. After listening to the recording, Brandy asked the students to write down what “landed” for them. This was not what I was accustomed to in relation to a psychology class.

However, when I returned the following Thursday, I was so impressed that I was teary-eyed with emotion. I witnessed the introductory segment of the class entitled Acknowledgements and Accountabilities. Students either positively acknowledged someone, or held themselves accountable for an action. The heartfelt words touched my heart.

The students’ words brought tears to the eyes of several people, including myself and the teacher. Brandy Berlin thoroughly considered each student by giving positive comments, and presented her own acknowledgements or accountabilities. When these comments surfaced, you could tell that she understood and cared for each student.

After students expressed an acknowledgement or accountability, the rest of the class would clap, cheer, or embrace the student. If a student was giving a heartfelt speech or Brandy was merely teaching a lesson, the class would listen with utmost respect.

These aspects created a seemingly invisible contract between the students and the teacher, the contract that the words expressed inside the classroom, would stay inside the classroom. After interviewing a few students, I was given insight into this invisible contract. At the beginning of the term, all the students in the class agreed that this class would be a safe and confidential environment.

The positive psychology class is a great example of how RPA’s unique education changes the lives of students by providing a safe, positive, and encouraging learning environment.

Listen to the complimentary podcast to learn more about the class, the teacher, and two of the students.





Crystall Keithcart