Humans of RPA: Student Saida Robinson

I’m from East Africa, Uganda. I lived with my grandmother until I was about 9 and my brother lived with her for 11 years. My grandmother was having a hard time taking care of my brother and I along with the school fees. She decided she wanted me to have a chance at going to a better school. I lived in different places for a while. I was excited to come to America but I didn’t think it would be this cold!  

I came to Oregon in 2012. I stayed at home for 3 years and then came here to this school, and it wasn’t a hard transition. My mom chose RPA for me because it was a good school and I knew I would get more help. At school, I like piano and my free times. I didn’t do music before, and I took lessons in choir last year. I like piano better than choir because I don’t have to sing in front of people. I used to like my English class but now I have a C in it, so it's not my favorite. Though, it’s hard to understand the English language sometimes in all subjects. 


A huge thank you to Saida for opening up immensely and sharing her story with us.  





Crystall Keithcart