Humans of RPA: Student Daniel Raley

How or why did you start wrestling?

"My friend started wrestling in 4th grade and he was telling me about it. So in 6th grade I started at High Desert Middle School in Bend. That year, my brothers tried wrestling too but I was the only one who continued it.  Then I did it through 8th grade, I was pretty good at it. Now i'm in high school, still doing it, but it’s a lot harder. 8th grade year I won the cities competition. I placed 4th in districts last year. Those are my two main wins.

Wrestling gives you a little more respect for people. You have to respect everyone on your team and your coaches and you have to learn new things. It’s just a pretty tough sport and you have to be pretty tough to do it sometimes. I want to continue wrestling through my senior year. If I can get a scholarship that would be awesome."


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