Humans of RPA: Teacher Sandy Cloud


When I was sixteen, one of my best friends lived out in Three Rivers, OR, an area with no running water, no electricity, and no phone lines. Each family ran electricity off of a generator and had their water tanks filled up once a week. And I stayed at her house one day, having driven in my filthy old Ford Mustang 4-speed Manual. Because of this filth, she suggested that we should go down to the lake and wash it, as many people did. I was confused at how we would possibly do that, however, she explained that I would back my car down the boat ramp then throw buckets of water on my car, wash it, and rinse it the same way. I said “cool, let's do it.”

After washing the car, I was afraid I would back the car into the lake but my friend dismissed my worry and jumped in my car to do it herself. She then crammed it into what in her car was 1st, but in my car was reverse. She proceeded to back all of my car, except the front tires, into the lake. I didn’t know what to do. The tailpipe was, at the time, fully underwater, and I was worried that if we attempted to start it, it would suck up water into the engine.

Meanwhile, out in the water, there was a boat of people who had been drinking and they thought our situation was hilarious. They just kept driving by laughing at us, each time creating waves, which made my car bounce in the water. Thankfully, there was a car at the top of the hill and he saw the predicament as he was driving in to the lake. He came over and asked us if we were in trouble. After we told him everything, he got in and drove it right out. Everything was a piece of cake after that, except for the fact that my car was soaked with stinky lake water. For the next 3-5 months it stank of algae and dead fish.  



Crystall Keithcart