What RPA Room Are You?

Photo by Hailey McMichael

Photo by Hailey McMichael

Mark your answers below, tally them at the end of the quiz, and find out!

What kind of crew do you roll with?

  1. I hang out with all kinds of people!

  2. Goal oriented and hard working folks.

  3. Organic and artsy people.

  4. The organized and scientific type.

  5. Fun and easy going homies.


What song best describes you?

  1. Cotton Eyed Joe

  2. Werk- Rihanna

  3. Fade - Kanye West

  4. The Scientist - Coldplay

  5. Stayin’ Alive - Bee Gees


Which RPA faculty member best represents you?

  1. Leo Villarreal - Campus Monitor

  2. Donna Nordstrom - Advisor

  3. Ethan Stelzer - Art Teacher

  4. Amy Mitchell - Science Teacher

  5. Tamara Bremont - Health Teacher


What best describes your signature scent?

  1. Popcorn and top ramen

  2. Sweat from hard work mixed with pen ink

  3. Tears of angst mixed with fresh paint

  4. Straight up chemicals

  5. Fresh fruit mixed with the smell after a good workout


How long do you spend working on schoolwork in a day?

  1. I take online classes

  2. I never stop working

  3. Most of my schoolwork is fun, so I do it a lot

  4. I usually have to do experiments for homework

  5. A healthy amount


What do your friends like the most about you?

  1. Your chill vibes

  2. Your generosity

  3. Your creativity

  4. Your intelligence

  5. Your energy


Choose a color.

  1. Grey

  2. Green

  3. Rainbow

  4. Blue

  5. Red


What is your spirit animal?

  1. A blobfish

  2. A dog

  3. A jackalope

  4. A dolphin

  5. A unicorn


Pick a pair of shoes to wear on a Wednesday.

  1. Rainboots

  2. Dress shoes

  3. Birkenstocks

  4. Leather boots

  5. Converse


If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

  1. A school hamburger

  2. Tate and Tate catering

  3. Granola and organic grapes

  4. Some genetically modified fruit

  5. A healthy mixture of items on the food pyramid


Answer Key

Mostly 1's? You got the Student Union!

You attract a lot of interesting people. You're a very chill person with a lot of friends. You don't care what people think of you and you're a free spirit. Keep on keepin’ on!

Mostly 2's? You got the Career Center!

You're an incredibly hard worker with a bright future ahead of you. You are very organized and you always know what to do in a sticky situation. People know you as the person with a plan!

Mostly 3's? You got the Art Annex!

You're extremely creative and open to new ideas. You are a great team player, and you're very kind to all people. You're great at making jokes, and your friends can always count on you for help!

Mostly 4's? You got the SciPlex!

You're very intelligent and work hard every day. You like to have a plan, but you're not worried about going off of it to have some fun! Your friends love to go on adventures with you.

Mostly 5's? You got Ms. Bremont’s Room!

You're very healthy and have a good handle on what you need in your life. You're a careful person, but also a real firecracker. People know you're always prepared!

Hailey McMichael