College Spotlight: Kenyon College

Annual Cost

  • $65,840

Merit Scholarships

  • 22%

Need-based Scholarships

  • 44%

Pell Grant

  • 8%

Common Application

  • Accepted

Application Fee


Regular Decision

  • January 15

Strong Programs

  • English
  • Psychology
  • Economics
  • Political Science
  • International Studies
  • Neuroscience
  • Chemistry
  • Physics



Acceptance Rate

  • 23.8%

ACT Range

  • 28-32


  • Gambier, Ohio


  • Rural

School Type

  • Private


  • 1,708


  • 46/54


  • Guaranteed

Percent Living on Campus

  • 100%

School System

  • Semester System

AP Credits

Kenyon College is a liberal arts college in the heart of Ohio. With famous alumni including teen lit author John Green and Calvin and Hobbes creator Bill Watterson, the college has a rich history of spawning great writers.

The demographics of the university are largely homogeneous, yet pockets of diversity are present. Though students primarily hail from Ohio, California, and New York, there is some international representation. In terms of socio-economic diversity, Sophomore Kevin Crawford says many of the students seem to be upper-middle-class Chicagoans. However, statistically, 8 percent of students receive the pell grant and 44 percent of students on need-based scholarships.

The town of Gambier Ohio has a population of 2,423, meaning the town is largely built around university life. Kenyon staff live minutes from campus and the town has many businesses founded primarily for the students. According to Crawford, the local amish community provides many amenities for the university, including jam for the dining halls.

Kenyon alumni are nothing if not prideful of their alma mater, according to Crawford, many of them offer exclusive internships and positions to current students. Thought the school is renowned for its writing programs, many other facets of academia are represented in its alumni, including the inventor of pill capsules and an emmy-winning actress.

Not only is Kenyon a solid academic choice, it also has a well regarded D3 swimming team. The student athletes enjoy a high degree of admiration around campus, according to Crawford. Other sporting opportunities are available; however the swimming team still reigns supreme.

Once an oasis of liberalism in a rural red area, Kenyon has faced a recent decline in applicants. The university attributes this to liberal student’s apprehension to move to a conservative area for college. In reality, the university provides a well balanced blend of political ideologies, according to the student newspaper, The Kenyon Collegian.

If you are looking for a well balanced liberal arts education in a ideologically diverse area, Kenyon may just be the place. As always, I cannot claim to be experts on these universities and the opinions expressed here are not necessarily shared with the entire school. If you want to learn more, contact us or go to the website listed above.