What is SPECK Media?

If you pull up google maps, you can hold the world in your hands. With the swipe of your fingers, you travel miles; with a pinch you zoom out to a birds eye view, reverse it and you could land in someone's backyard. In all the scrolling, it’s quite easy to breeze past our tiny town, a speck on the map.

In a town of 35,000, it’s hard to hone in on an individual. A traveler zooming through town on highway 97 or a business owner on 6th street — there is a confusing crisscross of lives intersecting in our town. In our small town, a high school student sitting in Glacier for a class is just a speck.

And lets say this student lives to be 80 years old. There will be hours upon hours later down the road spent working. There will never be enough hours sleeping, but all too many waiting in lines. There will be years as a parent and years living old and grey. High school itself will only come out to be .189% of these hours — a tiny speck of our time.

Looking around we can dissect almost everything into the tiniest of specks — the fight we had with our friend, the one test we completely bomb, our first time to a school dance. Yet, for such tiny specks, they weigh on us.

In the hustle and bustle of life, we often rush past and discount the little moments — the specks. We look over them and in doing so, we lose all of the profound beauty in each and every speck.

Here at SPECK Media, we specialize in specks. We take it upon ourselves to delve into stories untold, to capture moments that slip away, and to find stories to inspire. With every article we write, we are looking to illuminate a speck of the complex world we live in. So be you a student with a speck of time, a potential writer looking to share a speck of your life, or a member of the community wanting to take a peek into our bespeckled lives, SPECK Media is the platform were you can find just the speck you were looking for.