Open Enrollment at RPA

RPA has a large influence on the community and many people have an idea of what charter schools because of our community outreach. They are alternatives to traditional education and have a unique set up and a smaller student base. What many people are confused about the “public school status” charter schools have. This in itself is not that confusing but when paired with the idea that charter schools are smaller that traditional schools sometimes things get confusing.

Charter schools are only allowed to have as many students as their district allows. Usually, because of the experimental nature of charter schools, districts prefer classic schools to have higher numbers. If a traditional school grows too big you can give a charter school a higher student limit.

With higher limits comes open slots for the new school year. Those slots are filled by something called open enrollment. Open enrollment is quite similar to what is sounds like as it is an opportunity to enroll as many students as possible within a set number of days.

After open enrollment is done, if there are more applicants than positions then everyone, no matter when they applied, will enter the lottery where the first drawn get positions. If an applicant is not drawn within the number of available areas in the charter school, the order they are draw from is the order the students are put on a waiting list. When a position opens again they are given a spot within the school. RPA’s Sandy Cloud says “If a lottery is needed it will happen March 17th and families will be notified March 18th.”

Because of the student population of Central Oregon is always growing RPA have many opportunities to join. Open enrollment started quite recently here at RPA and is open until the 15th of March. Enrollment occurs more than once but the largest session is happening now, when people can enroll for the new year.

Erin Cork