RPA's Expanded Options Program

COCC student Crystall Keithcart.

COCC student Crystall Keithcart.

At the Redmond Proficiency Academy, the central focus is learning and expanding each student's education. RPA senior Crystall Keithcart recognized that she was not learning as effectively in some High School classes because of a variety of factors.  For this reason Keithcart had to analyze her options and see what she could do to maximize her learning. That is how she found the Expanded Options program.

“RPA provides opportunities for students like me.” She says. “An opportunity to reach beyond high school, while still in high school. An opportunity to be educated in a way that works well for me. An opportunity to get a head start, and work through my education at a faster pace.”

Expanded Options allows high school students to take classes at Central Oregon Community College (COCC). If a student is interested in a class that will prepare them for their future, but the class is not offered at RPA, they can still take the class at a different location. “The best part of COCC is how many options for classes they have. There is a wide variety to aid you in whatever career or job you think you want to go into,” said Keithcart.

Students can also earn high school and college credit for these classes. COCC offers students the opportunity to “expand their options” with a variety of hands on learning classes that RPA may not offer. This term, Keithcart, is taking three business class and a math class, so that when she graduates, she will have both a high school diploma, and a certificate of office assistance.

Another advantage of taking classes at COCC is that the school pays tuition and textbook fees for up to two years. Students are able to begin establishing their college transcript. Once the grades are on your transcript, they can’t be fixed unless you retake the class. This emphasizes the importance of being in the correct class which is partially why students must first take a placement test.

RPA student wanting to further their education, may want  to look into Expanded Options. Keithcart’s advice to anyone considering taking COCC classes is this: “Do it only if you are prepared to be responsible and punctual.”

Sanoma Blakeley