Students Construct Tiny House

The Redmond Proficiency Academy is well known for its unique schedules and classes. One such unique class not found at a traditional high school is a class centered around constructing a tiny house.

From May 31 - June 15, 2017 Redmond Proficiency Academy instructor Troy Longstroth and 11 students built a tiny house. The tiny house will be auctioned off to help fund a 2018 Spring Break Service Trip to help families in Mexico. The auction will be end on November 6th, 2017. The online auction will sell the house to the highest bidder similar to how ebay auctions work. A link to the auction can be found at the bottom of this article.

Creator of the class, Longstroth, came up with the idea when returning from a service trip to Mexico a couple years ago. “I thought that if we did a tiny house that kids could get building skills and experience before the next Mexico trip and we could sell the house and use the earnings to help fund the Mexico trip,” said Longstroth.

However, this project involved a lot more than buying materials and building the tiny house: hours of planning went into this project.

”There was a ton of planning and organizing of materials ahead of time,” said Longstroth. “Also, getting discounts and donations took a lot of work. Often during evenings after class I worked on things that needed to be done before the next day so that kids could continue making progress. Those were items like plumbing and electrical that needed to be done inside the walls before we could cover them up.”

During summer break Longstroth continued to finish up a number of items that had not been completed during the 2 week class.

Completed Tiny House

Completed Tiny House

All parties involved enjoyed different aspects of the project. “The best part of building the tiny house was seeing kids accomplish new tasks and learn new skills,” said Longstroth. Sophomore Virgil Anderson said his favorite part was putting the roofing together and learning the basics of construction.

“My favorite part was sharing the experience with my friends and working on the roof of the house,” said Jessica Whitticar. “I learned how to use lots of tools for making the tiny house.”

This class serves as an example that shows, how unique and how important giving is to the culture of RPA. This example also shows how practical some of the classes are, and encourages more students to learn skills that will help them outside of high school.